[rescue] XYPLEX MAXServer 1620

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Wed Oct 1 13:59:04 CDT 2003

I have a MAXServer 1620. I just loaded v6.3S15 and reset the system to
default. The booklet says the default 'set priv' password is 'system'. This
does not work. Does anyone have any ideas?

Additional info is as follows:

Hardware Type:       86                       
Hardware Revision:   00.00.00                 
Rom Revision:        430000                   
Software Type:       Terminal Server Level 4  
Software Revision:   V6.3S15                  
Protocol Type:       LAT, TELNET, RLOGIN, SNMP
MX1620 V6.3S15 Rom 430000 HW 00.00.00 Lat Protocol V5.2 Uptime: 0 01:39:37

Address:   08-00-87-02-87-80   Name:   X028780              Number:0
                                                        01 Jan 1986 01:39:37
Identification:  Xyplex Terminal Server
Welcome:         Welcome to the Xyplex Terminal Server.

Circuit Timer:            80           Password Limit:            3
Console Port:              0           Queue Limit:              24
Inactivity Timer:         30           Retransmit Limit:          8
Keepalive Timer:          20           Session Limit:            64
Multicast Timer:          30           Software:           XPCSRV20
Node Limit:              100           Identification Size:      63
Textpool Size:         16384           Timezone:              00:00
Accounting Entries:        0           Packet Count:             80
Nested Menu Size:          0           Menu Name:
Userdata Delay:           50
Service Groups: 0

Time Server:          Disabled

Enabled Characteristics:
Announcements, Broadcast, Console Logout, Dump, Lock, Parameter Polling,
TFTP Parameters, Proprietary Parameters, TFTP Read Broadcasts, Purge Node

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