[rescue] Cheap domain registrars of choice? (followup)

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Sat Nov 15 19:05:26 CST 2003

>> I'm going to try out the free 3 year hosting plan from 1&1, and I need to
>> register a domain.  Cheap.  Who's everyone like these days?  Thanks!
>gandi.net if you like your data to be on FreeBSD systems.

Turns out I may not need it...it appears that I can access the web, ftp,
and email through a really nasty sxxxxxx at onlinehome.us domain name, so I'll
probably just save the $8.  I wasn't really interested in public
hosting--more like someplace with a fast pipe to stick a few hundred megs
of data (such as Tektronix test gear manual scans...) for friends to
access, without relying on the slow side of my ADSL link.

Anyway, three years of hosting (500MB, 5GB transfer, 50 POP, ssh shell
access, etc.) for $0--what could I lose?

Thanks for all the registrar recos and comments!


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