[rescue] Bigger Iron at Home (was: SNMP, Baby!)

nimitz at ns1.nimitzbrood.com nimitz at ns1.nimitzbrood.com
Fri Nov 14 10:47:45 CST 2003

> If not it should be... female circumcision is designed to mutilate the 
> genitalia and make women subservient.  Basically it takes all enjoyment 
> a woman could have out of sex.  They do this horrible thing in like 
> Nigeria and some other African countries.  It's not the same as 
> removing useless flesh...i.e. umbilical cord, foreskin, etc.

If you do a little more research you'll find that most of the males sexual nerves are in the foreskin.  It affects men as well.  I've done a lot of research on this stuff because some of it covers how to deal with Autism and sex.  Something I don't have a choice if I have to think about my daughter being Autistic and all.  Regardless, check into it Google for male genital mutilation.  You'll get a lot of bondage sites but the info is strewn among them.  IIRC there's even a non-profit org to get people to stop the procedures.

> Obligatory gross-out:  I saw a weird cookbook in B&N about eating all 
> sorts of strange things because one could... and had recipes and such.  
> One group decided to serve their daughter's placenta as a pate.... AND 
> (here's the wrong part about it)... didn't tell the people they served 
> it to as far as I can remember.


Mike Hebel

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