[rescue] Bigger Iron at Home (was: SNMP, Baby!)

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Fri Nov 14 01:01:14 CST 2003

--On Wednesday, November 12, 2003 6:08 PM -0500 Kurt Huhn <kurt at k-huhn.com> 

>> Actually all my early experiences of wrestling (at least of the TV
>> kind) were someo sort of comedy, in fact that is what I assumed it
>> was. Imagine my surprise when I finally came to the United States and
>> found out that some people took that *gasp* serious, and that there
>> was no commedy behind it at least from the announcers (well the fact
>> that the announcers try to pretend to be broadcasting some sort of
>> real sporting event is a comedy in itself, but it is just not the
>> same).
> The pro wrestling thing confuses me.  I'm as taken aback as you when I
> found out that people were serious about this shlock.  I mean, c'mon,
> they were all in a *cartoon* in the mid '80s for crying out loud.

I recently read Duane Johnson's ("The Rock") book, _The Rock Says_.
While I wonder about the fans who get all worked up about WWF, et
al, the guys in the sport itself are really quite interesting.  It's
just another form of action movies--and one I can perhaps respect a
bit more, since it's performed live in front of a live audience.
The writers only write the plots--the actors/performers/wrestlers
develop their own choreography for each match (usually just a few
hours before the match).  Can you imaging Bruce Willis improving
his way through a Die Hard movie?

You have to admit that Vince McMahon is pretty savvy business-wise
as well.  I remember watching wrestling when I was a kid, and I'd
have certainly never thought that a *wrestling* company would IPO.

I think it's probably a lot like vaudeville or the kind of theatre
environment that Shakespeare worked in.


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