[rescue] Bigger Iron at Home (was: SNMP, Baby!)

Paul Weissmann paul at doorslam.net
Thu Nov 13 04:24:35 CST 2003

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez [lefa at ucsc.edu] wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Paul Weissmann wrote:
> > By any chance - do you know if he made Ethenet boards and AT-disks to
> > work with it? There were patches floating around, but I was too lazy
> > to buy such a WD-Ethernet and try it for myself.
> As far as I know all RTs used 3th party Ugerman-Bass ethernet ISA boards
> for connectivity.

Mine came w/o any Ethernet connectivity.

I referred to the WD8003 Ethernet driver, which is available in
form for AOS. When I finally get around installing AOS I think I'll  
try to dig up some WD8003 board to test it.

There is also a driver for the AHA1540A/1542 SCSI boards, which I
also'd like to try.

Don't know if the ROMP can boot off it though.

        - paul

   zwei jaeger treffen sich. beide tot.

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