[rescue] Bigger Iron at Home (was: SNMP, Baby!)

Paul Weissmann paul at doorslam.net
Thu Nov 13 02:08:35 CST 2003

Dave McGuire [mcguire at neurotica.com] wrote:
> On Thursday, November 13, 2003, at 02:46 AM, Paul Weissmann wrote:
> >Are there still any RT-PC AOS(BSD) users?
>   I have two RTs here which I'm rather attached to.  I've sadly not had 

What kind exactly?

> much time to mess with them lately, though.  One of them is the one on 
> which the 4.4BSD port was done...with all the development directories 
> intact.

Was there an origal 4.4BSD port?

I knew only of the 4.3BSD-based AOS from IBM.
There supposedly also was a MACH-port of it, although I never heard
much of it.

        - paul

   zwei jaeger treffen sich. beide tot.

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