[rescue] Bigger Iron at Home (was: SNMP, Baby!)

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Wed Nov 12 19:33:55 CST 2003

> Sorry, I have a hair trigger on the systems front today.  Some
> wonder-weenie actually started in on my in the coffee shop about my
> iBook.  I was talking with someone about Apple's products and how much I
> like them when this dweeb decided that it was his business to butt in
> and tell me what a piece of shit my iBook was because it wasn't 3.2Thz
> and running the latest version of Microsoft Crash-O-Matic.

<rolls eyes>

> I should have dead-fished him, instead I threatened to remove his
> manhood if he didn't go back to skulking in the corner.

You should have deployed the fish. However, one fatal flaw in your actual
approach. He would have had to have been a 'man' for you to have followed
through on your threat :)

Mike N

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