[rescue] Bigger Iron at Home (was: SNMP, Baby!)

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Wed Nov 12 17:22:41 CST 2003

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Kurt Huhn wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:09:45 -0800 (PST)
> Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez wrote:
> > said before the Yanks who are doing this show now, are not only
> > copying the same concept of a program that is over 10 years old but
> > they are doing a rather poor job at it.
> >
> Hell, I don't know, I nearly wet my pants last week because I was
> laughing so hard.  But, consider the source, I suppose.

Well, all I can say is take that and multiply that by 100x and that is how
good it was back in the old days :). Actually I watch that show for
rememberance shake, good old days. Of course the Spanish humor is 100x
more fucked up, less worry about being PC in major TV outlest may be part
of it... I guess the American announcers have to be a tad more

> > Actually all my early experiences of wrestling (at least of the TV
> > kind) were someo sort of comedy, in fact that is what I assumed it
> > was. Imagine my surprise when I finally came to the United States and
> > found out that some people took that *gasp* serious, and that there
> > was no commedy behind it at least from the announcers (well the fact
> > that the announcers try to pretend to be broadcasting some sort of
> > real sporting event is a comedy in itself, but it is just not the
> > same).
> >
> The pro wrestling thing confuses me.  I'm as taken aback as you when I
> found out that people were serious about this shlock.  I mean, c'mon,
> they were all in a *cartoon* in the mid '80s for crying out loud.

I have actually had a conversation with a couple of people which were
trying to explain me the merits of pro wrestling as a sport, and I was all
like "c'mon... I mean it is a great acting program if anything", and they
got rather irate as I was unable to grasp the subtetlies of such a fine
sport. I thought they were doing a fine job at pulling my leg, but later
on I was terrified during the conversation to find out that they were
serious.... amazing.

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