[rescue] Sun3 SunOS 4.x help

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Nov 11 18:59:46 CST 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 08:27, barryc wrote:
> Curtis,
> I really appreciate the offer.
> If you'd be kind enough to rip the ISO, I'd really appreciate it.  Unless you 
> already have a machine you can upload to that I can access via HTTP or FTP, I'll 
> look into setting up Anonymous FTP on one of our machines so you can upload it 
> here.

Actually, I could have you fetch it via http... so you don't need to
setup an ftp server.

> I'm also doing some reading on setting up a net boot server.  I've never done it 
> before.  According to the docs I've found, the fact that the boot server is 
> going to be of a different architecture should not be a problem.  (it should 
> just add a step to the boot process)

well.. it has been a while since I did it... but you need to setup
rarp (so the box can get it's ethernet address from it's on board mac
address), tftp so it can pull down a bootable binary, and then NFS
to share out the the install tree.  I think there might be bootparams
you have to setup too (rpc.bootparamd as I recall).

> On another note, do you know if a QIC-150(150MB) drive should be capable of 
> reading a QIC-24(60MB) tape.  Since the tapes appear to be physically identical, 
> I've been assuming that it should work....  'Course, I'd also been assuming that 
> since the QIC-150 drives were removed from Sun3/470s that the 3/80 ought to be 
> able to use them, which may not be a valid assumption to make.  One of the 470s 
> still in our boneyard has two tape drives installed, and one of them is marked 
> as being 60MB...  I think I'll try using that drive on the 3/80 this morning and 
> see how it goes.

QIC-150 drives can read QIC-24 tapes.... they can't write them however.

I believe a 3/80 will work with a QIC-150 (Sun used Archive Viper
drives as I recall).

The 60M tape drives from Sun were QIC-02 interface (as I recall.. could
have been something else though) and used an Emulex MT-02 bridge
controller that allowed it to be attached to the SCSI bus.

It will be a while before I'll have the time to make a .iso for
you... just keep on me every 3-4 days asking what's up....

-- Curt

> Barry
> >SunOS 4.1.1_U1 was the last for the Sun-3x, and was available on CD
> >(although it is not a bootable CD).
> >
> >If you have another system you can setup as a machine to netboot from,
> >I have 4.1.1_U1 on CD.  I think it is pretty small, so I could probably
> >use readcd to make a .ISO image of it which I can ftp up somewhere
> >for you.  (I'm guessing probably 200meg tops).
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