[rescue] Challenge L Rescue - Onyx trade anyone??

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Mon Nov 10 20:14:47 CST 2003

On Nov 9, 2003, at 5:01 PM, Geoff Koehler wrote:

> Speaking of Challenge L's, anyone want to trade for an onyx VTX?  Im 
> looking for a challenge L chassis, so Im willing to trade my onyx VTX 
> w/o CPU or memory for a challenge L w/o CPU or memory.  The only fly 
> in the ointment is going to be shipping, but it doesnt hurt to ask.  
> Thanks...

Actually... I have a spare Challenge L chassis. Whereabouts in Canada 
are you? An empty Challenge is a lot less expensive to ship from 
Seattle than a full one.

And a spare Onyx chassis, for that matter, if anybody wants it, but 
that one's had its backplane pulled out.


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