[rescue] Sun3 SunOS 4.x help

barryc barryc at rjlsystems.com
Mon Nov 10 15:26:20 CST 2003

It was a little sluggish in parts, but I managed to download all of the files 
required to build a pair of install tapes.

I can look at trying that.

Another thing that just occurred to me is that if I could build a workable disk 
image, I could store it on my RAIDed fileserver, and try to NFS boot the Sun3.

I'll also see about dropping Peter an email, and see if he's got any suggestions 
or advice for me.



From: Jochen Kunz <jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de>
>Ask Peter from http://www.sun3zoo.de/ for downloading SunOS. Sun
>released SunOS for Sun 3 for free, so this is legal. (If you worry. ;-)
>) SunOS 4.1.x was available for download from http://www.sun3arc.org/
>but this server seams to be down. Peter has instructions how to make
>bootable tapes in his SunOS distribution.

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