[rescue] How to "find" Cisco 3620?

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Sun Nov 9 10:26:52 CST 2003

I have similar things going on. Have a cisco 2900 10/100 switch and 
the machine boots up but the console port just show's me crap. But then 
a minute or so the switch crashes and show's me a error message just 
with no jibbrish. So I am assuming the switch itselfe is shot, and not 
just the
serial port as it has the ability to show me something usefull when it 

But yes 9600/n/8/1 should do the trick. If not, good luck.

On Nov 9, 2003, at 7:12 AM, Eric Webb wrote:

> I have a 3620 here that seems to boot and run, but the console port is 
> fudged.
> I see output from the unit, but it's garbled.  I've tried every 
> combination
> of baud rate, stop, data, parity known to man, and I've even tried 
> resetting
> NVRAM (which is supposed to default the comm parameters as well).  At 
> one
> point in time, I was able to "sync" up with it and got intelligible 
> output,
> but not since.
> So, without a console port, how else do you get into one of these 
> things?
> Assuming it had an ethernet NIC, I could probably write a script to 
> ping it..
> (this would be time-consuming, though, and would require continuously
> changing subnets on the source machine).  Any suggestions on how I 
> should
> attempt to access it?   ICMP ping?  SNMP port?
> Once I reset NVRAM, do the NICs have a default IP address assigned to 
> them at
> all?
> I'm convinced that there's a bad component on the board that's goofing 
> up the
> console serial link.  Is there any hope of finding schematics?
> Eric
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