[rescue] Request for advise / free to pickup

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Nov 9 09:55:21 CST 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 21:51, Chuck Taylor wrote:

Based on your description, here is what I think you have.  I'm on the
East coast, so this isn't possible for me, plus I'm not looking to add
a box that large to my collection.  Only boxes getting even close to 
that size I'm interested in adding to my collection would be like a
3/260, 4/260, and 2/120.

If nobody takes it, I'd be interested in getting some of the parts from
it.... namely the RAM (Dataram) memory expansion board, possibly the
CPU board, possibly the sbus boards, and possibly the tape drive.

My main interest is the RAM expansion board.

Hopefully someone rescues this system.  Many have been scrapped.
I had a 3/470 at one time that I sold to my employer setup as
a 4/470, and when it was retired a coworker took it home (I dind't
want it back... too big ! :-) ).... and it is now running as a

So, if nobody claims it, please contact me if you would be able to
rescue at least the memory board and ship it to me.  (I'd probably
take the CPU board too for a spare for me or my friends rather than
it going to the dump as well).

Read on for more info on what you have found....

> SUN SPARC Server 670MP with the following:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> BOARD #1:
> (2) Boards on risers: marked "CYM 6002K Ross Technology" --- each with 2
> chips marked "ATT7C157M-20    9147K" and 6 chips with heat sinks.

dual SM100 modules by the description.  40MHz procs...  bottom feeder
procs.... if your into Sun history they have historical value :-) (I'm
into Sun history, but even I don't have any SM100 modules :-) ).  SM41
modules are faster... possibly even SM40 modules are faster.

> (32) Memory sticks: 16 are marked "Samsung KMM594000B-8   93110 SEC
> 16 are marked "NH4M09A0J-8   JAPAN 2415A07"

Sounds like 4M SIMMS.  These boards did take 16MB 30 pin SIMMS but
you don't find those much (if anyone has any they don't want let me
know... I'm trying to populate one with them).

> In SBus 0 --- Ultra SCSI differential
> In SBus 1 --- Unknown: SCSI +?
> 15 pin ethernet port
> keyboard port
> Serial A & B
> Switch norm-diagnostic
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> BOARD #2
> Dataram
> (64) memory sticks

memory expansion board... this one sounds 3rd party... Sun had one as

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Board #3 (was not pulled)
> Back shows: Status LEDs, diagnostic/norm switch, "IPI-2 Port" (50 pin?)

IPI disk controller... this system probably had an external pedastal
disk enclosure (that looks like the system enclosure) that had external
IPI disk drives in it.


> 50? pin port above boards (IPI-1?)
> Front panel reveals tape drive, CD and open bay with (SCSI?) cable dangling
> in back.

What kind of tape drive ?  If the tape drive is twice as tall as the
CD drive then it is an 8mm drive (could be 2Gig or 5Gig in capacity),
otherwise it is probably 1/4" 150Meg (unless someone stuffed a DAT
drive in it).

> QUESTION: Is this worth anything to anybody or is it food for the dump?

Hopefully someone will want it.



> Clear Skies
> Chuck Taylor

-- Curt

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