[rescue] Request for advise / free to pickup

Chuck Taylor chucktaylor at speakeasy.net
Sat Nov 8 20:51:36 CST 2003

Before this goes to the dump, is there anyone who wants it and is willing to
pick it up in Tacoma, WA USA?

I know little about SUN equipment and cannot answer many questions. I was
told all the boards work:

SUN SPARC Server 670MP with the following:
(2) Boards on risers: marked "CYM 6002K Ross Technology" --- each with 2
chips marked "ATT7C157M-20    9147K" and 6 chips with heat sinks.

(32) Memory sticks: 16 are marked "Samsung KMM594000B-8   93110 SEC
16 are marked "NH4M09A0J-8   JAPAN 2415A07"

In SBus 0 --- Ultra SCSI differential
In SBus 1 --- Unknown: SCSI +?

15 pin ethernet port
keyboard port
Serial A & B
Switch norm-diagnostic

(64) memory sticks

Board #3 (was not pulled)
Back shows: Status LEDs, diagnostic/norm switch, "IPI-2 Port" (50 pin?)

+5v --- 150A
-5.2v --- 15A
+12v --- 15A
+12v --- 15A/25A PK for 20 Sec.
-12v --- 10A
Total output not to exceed 925W

50? pin port above boards (IPI-1?)

Front panel reveals tape drive, CD and open bay with (SCSI?) cable dangling
in back.

QUESTION: Is this worth anything to anybody or is it food for the dump?

If you want advise on a telescope, I can answer any of your questions. But I
know nothing about SUN systems. I am told all the boards etc are working but
have no way to verify. It is free to anyone who can pick it up (Tacoma, WA
USA) and put it to use.

Clear Skies

Chuck Taylor

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