[rescue] Spaceball + IRIX?

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at ohno.mrbill.net
Fri Nov 7 15:03:15 CST 2003

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 03:57:42PM -0500, Kurt Huhn wrote:
> On Fri,  7 Nov 2003 13:23:33 -0500 (EST)
> Kevin wrote:
> > I'd be interested in this one too.  I bought a new Spaceball back in
> > '96 to use with 3DSMAX 1.0 and it has yet to see any use other than
> > playing with the demos.  A dual PPro 200 w/ Matrox card wasn't enough
> > to effectively rotate geometry any more complex than Utah teapot.
> > 
> Really?  I used a dual PPro200 with a FireGL1000Pro, and it worked
> *great* with 3DSMAX 1.2.  

Hardy har har.

There would be a big difference between a PCI Matrox (say, a G200 at
best I bet, although eventually PCI 400s and 450s came out) and a

FYI, 1.2 also ran nicely on a dual PPro with FireGL3000, and on a dual
P3 xeon with a wildcat 4000.

3.0 also runs nicely on that machine.  Haven't used anything newer.  2.x
sucked so much.  I couldn't believe anyone would want to use it.   

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