[rescue] Spaceball + IRIX?

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Fri Nov 7 12:23:33 CST 2003

I'd be interested in this one too.  I bought a new Spaceball back in '96 to use with 3DSMAX 1.0 and
it has yet to see any use other than playing with the demos.  A dual PPro 200 w/ Matrox card wasn't
enough to effectively rotate geometry any more complex than Utah teapot.

I've been contemplating putting the Spacball on my Octane but have yet to do so.


On Fri, 07 Nov 2003 12:00:12 -0600
Scott Newell <newell at cei.net> wrote:

> I bought a spaceball 3003FLX cheap off eBay recently, but my colleague here
> at work isn't too interested in using it under AutoCAD and Inventor, so I'm
> gonna rescue it back.
> Anyone know offhand what software I need (and where to find it) to run this
> sucker under IRIX 6.5?  I'm looking at
> http://freshmeat.net/redir/libsball/20401/url_homepage/libsball, but I
> suspect there were manufacturer provided drivers originally.
> I'm hoping to use it for some OpenGL hacking.
> newell
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