[rescue] WTB - ethernet print servers

Brian Dunbar Brian.Dunbar at plexus.com
Thu Nov 6 10:51:36 CST 2003

Kevin [mailto:kevin at mpcf.com] on Thursday, November 06, 2003 10:02 AM said;

> On Thu, 6 Nov 2003 09:53:14 -0600 Brian Dunbar <Brian.Dunbar at plexus.com>

> > I'm not sure what aspects of 'working with' you mean - from the server's
> > perspective they are.
> > The downside is that a seperate device allows more bits to break or be
> > turned off.  I prefer them - you get more utility and life out of them.
> > ~brian

> By work with i mean are they administered in the same manner (telnet) and
do they have similar
> features (SNMP traps and so forth.)

In that meaning the external devices are similar to the internal.  In one of
my receiving departments 3 of my 7 print servers are internal, and I'd have
no way of telling which are which unless I did a physical walk-through.  Or
compared the model numbers of course.


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