[rescue] Mac Hints needed

Nathan Raymond nate at portents.com
Tue Nov 4 13:53:51 CST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Joost van de Griek wrote:

> Mac OS X doesn't care for the New World ROM, so if the hardware is emulated
> correctly, it will run Mac OS X.

MacOS X 10.3 does care if it's New World ROM or not, at least until Ryan
Rempel updates XPostFacto based on the released Darwin source to create a
new 10.3 installer that adds low-level kernel and driver support for the
Old World ROM based Macs that Apple has dropped support for in 10.3.

Mac-On-Linux isn't an emulator, it's a hardware abstraction layer, so all
PowerPC code running inside it is running native on the hardware.

> But going that route, I might as well claim my Indy runs DOS since it
> has SoftWindows installed...

Not the same thing, since DOS doesn't run on MIPS and SoftWindows isn't a
HAL, it's an emulator.

Nathan Raymond

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