[rescue] Bluetooth

Brooke Gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Tue Nov 4 11:49:41 CST 2003

>    Me too.  I'm using a Keyspan USB<->serial adapter now, which I love,
> but this Bluetooth dongle would be very convenient for a lot of things
> that I do.

Me too. My server rack is in my garage, and there's not a great place to
put my laptop so that I can get a serial port to any of the machines. I'd
be able to sit just on the other side of the garage door at a desk and do

>    Hmm...Greed?

Of course. Market forces at work, I suppose. Since there doesn't seem to
be any competition, they will charge what they can.

>    Well they have to recoup the cost of chip development.  There may
> (and I say "may", I don't know for sure) be Bluetooth licensing fees or
> other suit crap like that which need to be recouped.
>    Perhaps I will look around at the later generations of the Bluetooth
> chipsets and see what's out there.
>           -Dave

I'll bet that going through the qualification process cost some money, and
there's probably a bit of cost in designing the board that does the
serial<->bluetooth. I'm guessing that it's lack of competition at this
point. I remember this time last year Epson was pimping their BT adapter
for printers for around $200, and now that a bunch of others have set the
price point at $99, they've had to come down.

If anyone can design a build-your-own, it's you ;-)


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