[rescue] Items wanted

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Nov 4 11:44:36 CST 2003

 Nathan Raymond said ...

> > SCSI CD burner (4X write or better, supported by
> > cdrecord/cdtools, CD-RW not required)
> http://www.shentech.com/hpcdpl928xin.html


> > 9 GB SCSI HD (half-height or thinner, reliable manufacturer,
> > need 2 or 3)
> http://www.softwareandstuff.com/h_65gbhdrive.html

Rats, I left out the "50-pin" requirement.  However, at that price for the
drives, even buying their adapters to convert from SCA to 50-pin makes for a
very reasonable package price.  I kinda-sorts still rather have real 50-pin
drives, though, if anyone has any.  I have a couple of places where there's
no room for adapters.

Thanks again.


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