[rescue] Mac Hints needed

Nathan Raymond nate at portents.com
Tue Nov 4 08:39:23 CST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Andrew Weiss wrote:

> > I don't know about AIX, is it still available for APPLE computers? Will
> > it run on a G5?
> >
> No... it was only available for the ANS 500 and 700... the only Apple
> PPC hardware that cannot run a MacOS.


"Rumor had it that any of the Apple Network Servers can be made to run
MacOS by installing a ROM SIMM from a powermac 9500. The 9500 is the most
similar mac to the Apple Network Server however the device trees still
have many differences. I have had several people try differing ROMS in
their Apple Network Servers with varying results. From what i can gather
an ans with said rom swap will boot to a certain extent but since the
video is different from the 9500 it dies at that point. I have had other
reports that fitting the ati card from the 9500 will then add video to the
ans but only the external scsi is supported. This really removes the
motivation from running mac os on the ans. My advice would be to wait for
the Linux PPC port of Sheep Shaver, the excellent mac os emulator."

> > I think the first CHRP release was 8.5 as it is PPC only and does not
> > require an Apple ROM.

No, the first release was 7.6 with CHRP System Enabler 1.0:


> Yeah that would be the remains of Rhapsody for Intel.  Quite a useless
> product since neither Classic nor Carbon exist for it.  It's basically
> PC Darwin with Apple's GUI ported to it.

Well I wouldn't call the NT 5.x kernel that MS has been/is being ported to
PowerPC for the XBox 2 a useless product, would you?



It's a good idea for any OS company to keep their options open, even if
only as a negotiating stick.

Nathan Raymond

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