[rescue] Mac Hints needed

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Tue Nov 4 08:16:59 CST 2003

On Nov 4, 2003, at 2:51 AM, Geoffrey S. Mendelson wrote:

> I know that the new Macs are CHRPS, or very close to them, but APPLE is
> not interested in promoting them as such, nor or the other players 
> still
> offering COMMERCIAL CHRP operating systems, e.g. Sun and Microsoft.
Some of them were PreP too... I think was it the Tanzania? 4400?

> I don't know about AIX, is it still available for APPLE computers? Will
> it run on a G5?
No... it was only available for the ANS 500 and 700... the only Apple 
PPC hardware that cannot run a MacOS.

> I think the first CHRP release was 8.5 as it is PPC only and does not
> require an Apple ROM. The ROM image is included on the CD and loaded
> at boot time. 8.6 (a fix to 8.5) and 9.0 and 9.1 also included the
> ROM image. 9.2 does too, but it will not run on a real machine, only
> in a window of MacOS X (ten).

9.2.2 runs fine on a real machine.  It is G3 only, but it boots native 
as well as in Classic mode.

> Rumor has it that Apple produces a version of MacOS X, called "marklar"
> which runs on current Intel hardware, but it is not available to the
> public.

Yeah that would be the remains of Rhapsody for Intel.  Quite a useless 
product since neither Classic nor Carbon exist for it.  It's basically 
PC Darwin with Apple's GUI ported to it.


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