[rescue] Mac Hints needed

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Mon Nov 3 14:41:12 CST 2003

N.Miller wrote:

> This explains why you have to have a small Mac OS partition and
> a boot loader to boot from a non-Mac OS on old world Macs (I
> wonder if AU/X is recognized as a Mac OS?).

A/UX was a 680x0 only product. It required an MMU (memory managment unit)
and FPU (floating point unit) so it ran on a large variety of machines.
There also were a large variety of machines that were missing one or
both of those chips (or the included function in a 68030 or 68040)
or had strange hardware so it would not run.

The closest to UNIX supported by Apple on the Nubus power Macs was
MKLinux (Mach Kernel Linux) which was abandoned because of the GPL.

The short lived (at Apple) CHRP (Common Hardware Reference Platform),
had a whole bunch of alternatives, including Solaris 2.5, and AIX.


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