[rescue] Apple Mac and IIgs boxes

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Nov 2 22:52:36 CST 2003

I'm going through a small lot of Mac stuff I received.

I have a couple of LCII, 3 or 4 LCIII, one Mac II (with an undetermined
Daystar upgrade), and a powermac 5200 ? (I forgot the #, it has a
monitor built in), and three Apple IIgs boxes.

I don't have all the stats yet, but is anyone interested in any of
them ????

I'm probably going to keep a couple of the boxes... but I haven't
determined what yet.

Just wanted to determine interest.... feel free to make any offers
if there is something in particular you want.

I'll try to get more specific stats over the next few days, but
most of the boxes are pretty barren with minimal memory, and if
there are HDs they are pretty small.

-- Curt

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