[rescue] Mac Hints needed

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Sun Nov 2 19:18:01 CST 2003

>> Ok, I got the Beige G3 I mentioned the other day - it's a 233 mhz, at 
>> least rev B (RagePro video) and has 288mb of RAM. Not shabby for $40 I 
>> think.
>> However, I can not get it to boot. I am about ready to pull out my 
>> hair over this.
> Command->Option->Shift->Delete on power-up.
> A PIA but it will cause the system to ignore the internal drive 
> completely and boot from _any_ other bootable device.  If it fails to 
> boot from the CD I'd question the CD status.

I think a simultaneous
will force a boot from the CDROM. (I didn't know about 
command-shift-option-delete.) I'm no expert at this, but my mac-expert 
friend told me that, and it has worked for me...


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