[rescue] Mac Hints needed

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Sun Nov 2 18:52:41 CST 2003

Ok, I got the Beige G3 I mentioned the other day - it's a 233 mhz, at 
least rev B (RagePro video) and has 288mb of RAM. Not shabby for $40 I 

However, I can not get it to boot. I am about ready to pull out my hair 
over this.

I power it up and, being a UW surplus machine, the drive has no OS. So I 
get the ? mark. Fine amd expected. I put my OS 9 cd in and hold "c". 
Same thing. 8.0 cd does the same. Zap PRAM. No change. Pull lithium 
battery for 2 hours. No change. Unplug keyboard and mouse. No change.
Put a different IDE drive in. No change.  Put a known good CDRW in. No 
change. Swap controller ends of the cables around. No change. Pull all 
IDE and stick in a SCSI disk and CDROM - both with apple rom. No change. 
Reseat all ram, rom, and etc. on motherboard. No change...

I've run out of ideas and could use some hints.


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