[rescue] Can someone sell me a cheap ultra sparc :-)

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Fri May 30 19:48:49 CDT 2003

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>Subject: [rescue] Can someone sell me a cheap ultra  sparc :-)
>Well my data center was broken into last night
>and everything was cleaned out.   (4 Netra's, 4 D1000's, E450, E220R)
>My first thought...
>*KEWL* a chance to buy more equipment. 

R U nuts ?  Kewl is the last word I'd describe for that problem.  Even
if you get covered by insurance and everything, the scramble to get everything
covered is more effort than even a nice settlement would cover.

Also, you lost some good hardware.

>I am looking for a cheap ultra sparc 1,2, 5,10,30,60

I have an Ultra 5 and two Ultra 10s.  They are IDE based, and are
currently without drives.  I think they are both 333 ? (I'd have to
double check).  E-mail for more info, or e-mail me offers.


The U5s and U10s are not SCSI based, but you can easily make them SCSI
with the right PCI scsi adapter.

>PS; I did have offsite backups :-)

Thank goodness for you !  Still, what are you doing to provide all the
services you were providing while you seek out replacement equipment ?

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-- Curt

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