[rescue] Can someone sell me a cheap ultra sparc :-)

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Fri May 30 19:38:13 CDT 2003

I dont have any hardware for sale right now but you say "kewl" if somebody
breaks into your datacenter? heh... sounds like your happy about it? ;-)

I would CRY if they'd break into my room and grab my shit.... hehe...
but that's maybe just me?

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Subject: [rescue] Can someone sell me a cheap ultra sparc :-)

> Well my data center was broken into last night
> and everything was cleaned out.   (4 Netra's, 4 D1000's, E450, E220R)
> My first thought...
> *KEWL* a chance to buy more equipment.
> I am looking for a cheap ultra sparc 1,2, 5,10,30,60
> PS; I did have offsite backups :-)
> Thanks
> Kevin
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