[rescue] Vintage Sun SCSI Enclosure Available

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri May 30 12:21:42 CDT 2003

I've got an old Sun SCSI enclosure I'm not going to use, and I'd like to
give it a good home.  I acquired it, sight unseen and without sufficient
"due dilligence," thinking it was something else.

It's a 1988 511, open face, so it might be just right for someone with other
hardware from that era.  It works to the extent that it powers up; I've
never asked it to do more than that.  Labels on the back indicate that it
holds two drives, and it has a rather complicated sled that might actually
permit that.  No drives included, and I don't have a cable for the big 3-row
50-pin connectors, either.

I'll ship it, but it's heavy.  Local pickup in Pugetopolis OK, too; I can
meet you at either end of the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry, or even deliver if
you're not in a big hurry.  Interesting trades considered, of course, if
your old junk is more interesting than my old junk, but I'll actually just
give it away.  I just don't want to toss it.

Sheldon T. Hall
shel at cmhc.com
206-780-7971 (CMHC)
206-842-2858 (Home)

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