[rescue] hp kayak price estimate?

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Fri May 30 08:14:41 CDT 2003

"David L Kindred (Dave)" <d.kindred at telesciences.com> wrote:
>     Kurt> <snip config>
>     Kurt> Nothing.  In my experience, the Kayaks are some of the worst x86
>     boxen out Kurt> there (reliability-wise, and "standards"-wise).
> Which models?  I have a bunch of Kayak XA P-II machines here that we
> bought used and have been rock-solid, no issues running Windows or
> Linux.  One of the best factory-installed PC ventilation systems I've
> seen, all ducted so that the CPU and disks still get airflow even while
> you're futzing around with the IO slots.

I honestly can't remember.  Or it could be that I've chosen to forget. 
Either way, the name "Kayak" makes me cringe.

>     Kurt> YMMV, of course, but I can't stand the Kayaks.
> Has HP used the Kayak name on more than one hardware series?

Dunno, my experience with them goes back many years.

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