[rescue] WTB: o2 RAM

roosmcd at dds.nl roosmcd at dds.nl
Fri May 30 03:36:17 CDT 2003

> This little blue toaster is nice but 128MB is not enough for multiple
> SSH, one or two apps and Mozilla, the Great Eater of RAM .
> Is there a cheaper source than MemoryX/Kingston/Crucial?

 eBay ofcourse :).
> Anyone here got 2 32MB sticks lying around?
> (o2 takes its own weird DIMMs of course)

 278 pin dimm module if memory serves correctly. 100MHz with ECC or something 
like that. I still have a couple (8-10?) O2 dimms lying around, they even 
worked last time I tested them (since then I've sold my O2). The price is going 
to be $5 per 32Mb module, not including shipping costs (I'm located in Europe), 
but I don't think they are that high. Trading is also welcomed ofcourse.

 My pile of weird useless ram also includes HP 800/900 series ram and 
intergraph 30-pin memory (has some kind of serial chip on it that identifies 
the ram as made by Intergraph...).


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