[rescue] hp kayak price estimate?

Klaasjan Brand kjb at studenten.net
Fri May 30 03:19:41 CDT 2003


Not exactly Sun hardware, but I've seen lots of IA related articles here
lately ;)

This system is for sale in the Netherlands; seller want about 450
euro's. For a generic P3 system I don't think the configuration would be
worth more than 150-200, but does anyone got an idea what the extra
value of the Kayak series is (except for the cool case? ;)

HP Kayak Workstation
P-III 667 slot 1
Dual processor board
256MB Rambus
NVidia TNT AGP video
9.1 RPM Quatum Atlas U2W 7200 RPM
Sym U2W SCSI controller
3COM 10/100 NIC


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