[rescue] HP-UX Install

Nathaniel Grady nate at grady.is-a-geek.com
Thu May 29 22:23:10 CDT 2003

Ok, I'm feeling rather stupid at the moment. I finally got a copy of HP-UX for 
my precisionbook, and am stuck for how to install it. My initial plan was to 
install over the network from a linux machine, but googling only turns up 
instructions for installing from another HP-UX box. Anyone have a pointer? 
Incidentally, does anyone have an external SCSI cd-rom drive, with 
appropriate [1] cable, for sale? That would solve this whole problem much 
more quickly :-)
[1] The computer end is a 50-pin D-sub connector, that is the same size as  a 
25-pin D-Sub printer/serial cable, but with pins twice as dense.

--Nathaniel Grady

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