[rescue] IBM System/36 - Help Needed

Martin Marshall martinm at allwest.net
Thu May 29 21:53:51 CDT 2003

I asked some of these questions a couple of days ago on the classiccmp 
list and have received no replies.

I hauled home an IBM System/36 - PC (5364), complete with dedicated IBM 
PC (5150), Monitor, KB, cables and an IBM 4224 printer, but no 
documentation, all from my local Farmers Insurance agent.  The system is 
complete, including the 5.25" "Farmers Master System Diskette", dated 
1988.  No other software has been found.  The components are badged 
"Farmers Insurance Group 5280Z". Googling indicates that System/36's 
were used, at one time, by many Farmers agents.

Using the above disk, the system boots to the Service Control Menu, then 
continues the IPL to a IPL Sign On menu.

I am an absolute neophyte on this system, so please be gentle :)

Does anyone know the Service password or the Backup Service password for 
the Service Control Menu?  Are these logins even an equivalent to root 
on a unix box?  Is there a standard login with reduced privileges? 
Since these Farmers Insurance systems were rolled out at one time, I 
suspect that some logins and/or passwords were standardized.  Does 
anyone know another easy way into this system?

When (if) I get past the logins, I want to get my bearings.  Does anyone 
have any links to elementary operations manuals and other info for this 
system?  On IBM's site, I can find info on running S/36 applications on 
AS/400 hardware, but can find very little on System/36 hardware, 
operation, or software.  Googling finds various tidbits on the web and 
usenet yields a password recovery method that I don't yet understand.

It appears that I will need more than this boot disk to be able to 
explore the OS.  Does anyone have any system software for this system? 
I'll worry about RPG, Fortran and BASIC later.

Thank you,
Martin Marshall

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