[rescue] SGI Octane console resolution

Mike F lists at mikef.dyndns.org
Thu May 29 11:57:45 CDT 2003

I recently acquired an Octane (R10K 195MHz w/SI graphics) and Google
is not answering my questions. The machine came with a virgin install
of Irix 6.5.18, so I initially went through the EZSetup process, running
the Octane on my HP 1280x1024 72Hz monitor, since this is what the default
mode is set for. I plan on actually running the Octane with an old SGI
monitor I have that runs at 1280x1024 at 60Hz, so I dropped the resolution
using: /usr/gfx/setmon -x 1280x1024_60. Now, when I use the 60Hz SGI
monitor, I get garbage on the screen during the boot process, but the
proper resolution only once X has started. Now, my question: is there
any way to change the console mode from 1280x1024_72 to 1280x1024_60?
Apparently setmon changes it in X, but I'd like to change the mode for
the console. Sorry if this is a FAQ.

- Mike

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