[rescue] What' this (IBM Gear)

jwbirdsa at picarefy.com jwbirdsa at picarefy.com
Thu May 29 11:48:11 CDT 2003

>Seems as though it had either a 10bt or 100bt port on the back.

   Actually, AUI or coax. The only way to get 100 on these guys is with a
horrendously expensive Microchannel card. You can sometimes find them on
Ebay starting at $150. Those cards are worth a lot more than the whole

>the disks just standard SCSI-II, will it take wides, do I need some
>sort of odd spud like thing?

   Hang on while I open mine up... Hm. I'm bleeding now.

   In the third picture, above the boards, you can see the internal bracket
where internal disks attach. Internally, it takes 68-pin wide SCSI; the
external connector is not an HD68 but rather a funky thing that looks like
a Centronics connector that shrank in the wash.

   If your CPU doesn't have a cache SIMM already, I believe I have an extra.
I also have extra memory boards -- looks like yours only has one out of a
possible two. The board with the BIG connector on it appears to be the same
one I have, which is an eight-port serial. I have an extra breakout box
which should work.

   --James B.

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