[rescue] FWD: [htis at idcomm.com: Tempest Sparcstations and Monitors Available]

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Thu May 29 07:29:50 CDT 2003

Found on Usenet.

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> From: htis at idcomm.com (logarto)
> Newsgroups: misc.forsale.computers.workstation
> Subject: Tempest Sparcstations and Monitors Available
> Date: 23 May 2003 14:05:29 -0700
> This is Tempest as in RF Interception spy-proof, not Tempest as in
> cluster Technology. About six Sparcstation 2 and 75GXs (these are the
> "T-Sparcstatoion 2s" and  "ET4/75GX", Monitors are Model HTC and have
> a variant of the 13w3 connector) with five or six 19 Inch Tubes that
> are fully shielded with steel shells and probably equivalent to the
> GDM 1962 or thereabouts. Storage has all been removed I'm too busy to
> check for memory and they will go for aluminum scrap shortly. Quite
> bulky and located in Colorado.
> Respond to this eMail addy or e_Manula at yahoo.com

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