[rescue] Farallon EtherMac iPrint LT

Mike Hebel nimitz at speakeasy.net
Wed May 28 20:39:05 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 07:56 PM, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

 >I've rescued a Farallon EtherMac iPrint LT, PN 559.
 >Question 1:  What is it?  Googling indicates it is some sort of a
 >LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge.

It allows ethernet Mac clients to talk to Localtalk only printers.
Think of it as a Localtalk/Ethernet print server and you've got the 
right idea.

 >Question 2:  I have no Macs.  Do I need it?

Not if you don't have any Macs or any Localtalk printers.  If you have a 
Localtalk printer and a 'BSD/Linux server though you can use this to 
allow people to spool through the server to that printer.

 >Question 3:  Assuming the answer to #2 is "No", would anyone like to 
talk me
 >out of it?  New price seems to be in the $90 range, eBay shows one at 
 >and one at $65.00, both with two days to go.  I'll trade up, down, or
 >sideways for an SBUS fast Ethernet card or other tempting Sun or SGI 

*Jedi Hand Wave*
This is not the print server you're looking for...
Send this print server to me...
Shipping only will be fine...


Seriously I saw something similar locally for $40 total minus the 
I'm in the middle of a move right now _and_ poor otherwise I'd buy it 
from you.  My old Dataproducts laser printer has dead ethernet but a 
good Localtalk port.

Mike Hebel

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