[rescue] FS: Netra T1 105, two rackmount PCs, other stuff

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Wed May 28 15:22:12 CDT 2003

Since I've gone to offsite hosting, I'm trying to get rid of some of my
servers and other gear. Trying to pay the rent next week, so cash or cash
equivalent is highly preferred to trades, but I might consider partial
trades. I'll also consider minor reconfigs to adjust the prices a bit.

While I am selling these to "make a living" (i.e. been squeaking by on
unemployment for 6+ months now) I am not selling them to make a "profit"
by any stretch. Just trying to keep the key working in the door and the
lights on. As many of you know, I've been an avid collector and mini-ISP
for years, and these have been acquisitions to further that hobby in the
days when I had a steady paycheck. :)

1. Sun Netra T1 105, 1U SPARC server. 360MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 2x36GB disk.
Dual ethernet, one PCI slot for expansion. I have an Intraserver LVD SCSI
card and a Znyx quad fast Ethernet card that would work in it if you like
(it can use one of them, not both). I can step down to 9gb or 18gb disks
to reduce the price a bit.

Asking $800 shipped within the US. PCI cards extra. (Yes, they're going
cheaper on ebay with lesser disks, but 1" 36GB SCSI disks are still a bit

2. Dual P3 capable, 4U Intel server. Supermicro P6DBE board, one P3-500
CPU, 256MB registered RAM, Advansys LVD SCSI card, 9GB + 2x18GB disk,
cdrom, ethernet, 32MB AGP video card.

Asking $500 shipped. Might be able to put a second P3-500 in if I
partially gut the next machine:

3. Dual P3-500 midtower system. Intel N440BX server board, two P3-500
CPUs, 1024MB registered RAM, two 18GB disks, dual floppy. Onboard 10/100
eepro, onboard SVGA

Asking fair offer. Not sure what "fair" is... probably at least the ebay
value of the disks and RAM.

4. P2/P3/Celeron, 2U Intel server. Intel JN440BX board, P2-350 CPU,
256MB RAM, 2 4GB wide SCSI disks in removable carriers. Dual Ethernet,
video, USB.

Asking $250 shipped.

For any of you in SF Bay Area, I also have a pile of "rescued" P200 and
P2-266 systems in nice In-Win ATX cases, and some other assorted wonders,
that are probably going to go for $100 or less each. See
http://www.craigslist.org/sby/sys/11759143.html ... I will ship them if
someone makes a nice offer including packaging and shipping costs, but it
would be easier for someone to drop by and exchange some dead presidents
for them. They are excellent cases, and for some of them the PC100 RAM,
cdrom, and chassis/PS are worth the asking price. :)

I will also be getting rid of my SGI gear (locals preferred) and possibly
an AXmp with 4x167/256mb/9gb/cdrom.

Email me with any questions or appointment requests.


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