[rescue] Sun 3/80

jwbirdsa at picarefy.com jwbirdsa at picarefy.com
Wed May 28 13:57:59 CDT 2003

   The cgeight is supported in X11Rsomething, I think it was 6. I know this
because I had a cgnine and the only way to use it was to hack X to treat
it as a cgeight.

   Warning: depending on the ROM revision, your 3/80 may or may not be
able to boot with the cgeight as the console. The FEH doesn't say anything
about ROM revisions, but it's also confused about what machines the cgeight
was officially supported on. At the top of the page, only the 4/1xx series
is listed, but then there's P/N 501-1577 which has a "3/80 rear panel", and
there's a note that only 501-1371-04 or later is supported on 3/4xx and
   You'll need to change EEPROM location 0x1F, the primary terminal, to
0x20 (P4 color framebuffer).

   If the 3/80 won't use the cgeight as a console, you can change location
0x1F to 0x10, which forces it to a serial console even with a
kb/mouse/framebuffer installed, and then you should be able to launch X
from there.

   --James B.

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