[rescue] Re: Uh, hello stupid.

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Wed May 28 12:31:05 CDT 2003

>> Cheap is to just do like everybody else, and plug it into a 
>> 32-bit slot, and let it run in 32-bit mode.  :)  
> 	This is exactly what I did with my 39160 Card. Pulled it out, went
> "Oh Sh!t", and then read the docs. Found out it would go in a 32 bit PCI
> slot so I stuck it in there and it has run like a champ ever since. 
> 	Of interest I did go looking for a PC workstation motherboard with
> 64 bit pci then and have kept my eye open for one ever since. Still have yet
> to see one. Calling MB manufactures  resulted in them saying that they had
> no plans to go that route anytime soon (that was about a two years ago)

The only x86 motherboards I'm seeing with 66MHz and/or 64-bit PCI slots
seem to be the *very* high-end ones.  I just picked up an IBM "NAS200
model 201" system that has a dual-P3 1.13 GHz motherboard, and 5
PCI slots as follows:
 1 33MHz/32-bit
 2 33MHz/64-bit
 2 66MHz/64-bit 

I'm looking forward to putting Gig-E cards and such into it...but
it already has U160 SCSI on the motherboard, and an IBM H/W RAID
card.  I suppose I could always add my U320 card to use with external
disks, though. 

Rip Loomis
Brainbench.com MVP for Internet Security

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