[rescue] NeXT cube question

Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 patrick at zill.net
Wed May 28 01:20:12 CDT 2003

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 02:28:18AM -0400, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 10:39 PM, KRM wrote:
> > NeXT made a version of NeXTSTEP for SPARCs?  I wasn't aware of that.  
> > Was it at all popluar in it's day?
>    Not extremely.  I knew a few people who were running it 
> enthusiastically on SS5 machines (it ran reasonably well on them) back 
> in '96 or so.  It wasn't anything to write home about, but it was 
> usable and very pretty.

The main reason to use NS at that time was for custom-developed apps.  

NO software running on Unix at that time could compare with the rapid
development of GUI apps under NS.  A lot of companies were using the
NS boxes as front-ends to huge Sybase or Oracle databases using DBKit
or EOF (think ODBC done right).

Anyone having a copy of NS3.3 for Sparc or HP, please let me know.

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