[rescue] Uh, hello stupid.

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Wed May 28 01:15:46 CDT 2003

On Wed, 28 May 2003, Andrew Giedraitis wrote:

> are you sure it isn't both if there is a opening in the contact edge that
> allows the card to slip in it will work in 32 bit and diminished thruput but
> it will work  if your gonna spend that much money anyways get scsi RAID
> ultra 160 or even ultra 80 both will probably outperform any IDE   [serial
> IDE excluded]

Need some punctuation there? I've been away from my email for a few days,
and this gave me a headache. :)

Weird Stuff in Sunnyvale CA had some 3ware 8-channel cards for $200
earlier in the month. That's not too bad. And considering that *DENSITY*
for cost is still better in IDE (as in gigabytes per inch/per power
connector), if you're more interested in price than performance, or if
your requirements are for a low footprint array, IDE RAID can be viable. I
haven't seen 72gb SCSI 1" disks under $100 lately.  I have seen 80gb IDE
1" disks under $100. And I bet 8 80gb IDE disks use a lot less power and
space than an equivalent amount of space in 9gb half height SCSI disks
(which are about the only way to match that price footprint handily).

> > Okay, so can anyone recommend a P2/P3 motherboard with 64-bit PCI slots?

I've got a couple around here somewhere. Still settling from a weekend in
SoCal, but I'll see if I can find something.


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