[rescue] Re: Ultra 1 CPU fan replaced

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Tue May 27 23:30:30 CDT 2003

>Count yourself lucky... after what I heard from people I didn't even
>bother to try.
>I did find with a few little minor modifications, the extra case cooling
>fan from a Sparc 2 fits very nicely, moves a bit more air, and is a much
>much much higher quality fan than the crappy thing they have on the CPU
>on the U1.  Of course this fan is thicker, so the plastic guard had to go
>but that only serves to keep people from knocking the heatsinks on the

FWIW the part Sun sent me as a replacement is completely different from the original part, despite both parts having the same part numbers. The part number is 540-2761-01 on both.

The failed part was a seven-blade Inaba-Denki-Sangyo (Japan) and the replacement part is a eleven-bladed Shicoh (China). The replacement fan seems to be spinning slower and moving less air. As a result it is much more quiet.

I didn't expect them to replace the entire motherboard - I'm more than happy that they replaced the faulty fan :-)



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