[rescue] The other question...

Mike Hebel nimitz at speakeasy.net
Tue May 27 21:02:15 CDT 2003

> On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 08:56 PM, Phil Stracchino wrote:
>> Nadine,
>> Have ypou considered trying the filler-and-polish tyoe CD/DVD repair
>> kits?  Maxell makes one, so does Memorex I think.  If it'll work on a 
>> CD
>> or a DVD it ought to work on a laptop screen, though there's no
>> guarantee that screen cleaner wouldn't remove it again.

Auugh!  I'd _highly_ advise against this route!

Don't put _any_ chemicals on your screen that you can avoid using.

The scratch kits for DVDs and CDs that he is describing are designed to 
_soften_ the plastic.  It would be extremely doubtful that using this 
stuff on your LCD would do anything but ruin it.

Sorry, but I've owned a fair amount of old laptops in my time and doing 
this would be a BAD THING(tm)!!!

Mike Hebel

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