[rescue] NeXT Cube Question

Jeffrey Brendle bli at psu.edu
Tue May 27 21:00:00 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 08:55  PM, Patrick Giagnocavo 
+1.717.201.3366 wrote:

> a) I would question if it is truly a 68040 or a 68030.  The 030 is
> very slow when running any OS later than 2.1 .

good point. the '040 is usually tagged a "turbo", people will make a 
point of mentioning this to get more $ I should think... and there's a 
BIG difference between the '030 and '040 chips (ditto in Macs) & the 
newer OSes will drag the thing to a crawl if it is an '030. (had that 
problem w/ an original cube, machine was much "faster" from a telnet'd 
VT220 than it was on console, however, so I didn't mind... the prof who 
used console might have noticed, I never asked. =-) )

> Black and white is nice but color is much nicer.

I had to support a couple of original b&w cubes and turbo color slabs 
"way back when" and I really thought the experience of the b&w 
megapixel display (not the same as the IBM megapel, if anyone remembers 
those on the 6150 PC/RTs) wasn't that bad. The Color was nicer, sure 
... but at that time I was often using b&w monitors on older (sun 3/50 
& sun4c class) workstations & also on Xterms (saving the color ones for 
people who used the lab for "real work", I could do my support stuff 
from the CLI in b&w fine. =-) ) so I really wasn't too worried about 
it. Contemporary PC and Mac color was limited back then too ... but 
then I didn't do anything really graphically intensive, used ... oh 
what was it called... Frame? for some basic page layouts... 
WordPerfect? WriteNow? something like that  for document writing....It 
should be a fun little box even w/ b& w as long as the monitor's in 
decent shape. Still, I wouldn't pay more than maybe $200 tops for any 
such thing. (I do however regret not buying these back when we sent a 
bunch of 'em up to the Salvage warehouse, don't see too many of 'em out 
in the wild any more. at least not at reasonable prices. =-( )


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