[rescue] Want to Trade/Available for Trade...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Tue May 27 15:00:23 CDT 2003

I just got a U2 (and got a good deal...$65 for a dual 300mhz box, with hard 
drive, creator, CD, floppy,
and 512MB...) and could use another hard drive bracket.  I've got a couple 
of SCSI drives that I think
will fit into it (I've got 2 4GB drives to try out...) but no brackets.  I 
have a pile of various sun parts
for trade, i.e. couple of Sparc 20 drive sleds,  and I've got a pile of 
SBUS cards, drive brackets from
SS10's, etc.

I'll also have a couple of SS10's that I'm going to be parting with (either 
trading, or for $$ here,
or EBay them otherwise...)  They'll have memory, hard drives (4 GB 
probably...one definitely,
one I've got to check out...different drive than above, or it might be one 
with an adapter I have...)
video cards, and SM61's.  So if anybody is interested in those as well, 
drop me a note.  Both are good,
and in clean shape...I'm just upgrading my sun4m box to a SS10 sx. (my 
sun4c box is a IPX...don't
have a sun4 box, but do have my sun3 box...and of course my sun4u box now...)

I've also got an interesting PC card...have to dig up the model numbers, 
but if I remember, it was
a card to allow a PC to directly connect to a mainframe as a terminal or 
some such.  Has a coax
cable connector and cable.  I've even got the original box...woo hoo.   It 
was part of a pile of stuff
rescued long ago....

More various parts too (I'll post more as I find it...)...I just moved, and 
am digging thru all the stuff I've
acquired as I rebuild my computer room/lab....it's a bit smaller than the 
last one, so I am
consolidating...though, I am still looking for that Sun 2 box, and Sun 1 
box to add to the collection...
(does anybody here have one, I've never seen one that a person owns...saw 
one on display at the
Smithsonian though.....seriously...)


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