[rescue] Throw me a bone please

Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Tue May 27 11:16:13 CDT 2003

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael.turner at whro.org

> you are low level formatting your drives ?  Why ! ?  Unless 
> they have an
> odd hardware format due to being out of special hardware, you 
> should never
> have to format a SCSI disk.  

 <Sheepish Grin> Cause I hit go while mucking around in the format command
and started it and now I cannot stop it.

> If you want software RAID then you use DiskSuite.  If your 
> SCSI card or
> the StorEdge supports hardware RAID, then you need to use the 
> software for
> those devices to setup your RAID.

	No hardware raid that I can find. Which caught my a bit off guard
cause I though the storeedge would be raid, but looking back on it that was
an assumption by me.

> Sounds to me like your card/StorEdge are JBOD (Just a Bunch 
> of Disks). 

	I believe so also.

> If that is the case, DiskSuite will allow you to setup software 
> RAID 5, or
> RAID 0+1, etc.  If you have a graphical console, DiskSuite has a nice
> GUI interface (although have they integrated this into the new Java
> based entire system admin tool (which I'm blanking on the 
> name since I've
> never used it)).

	Ah, this I will have to look at. 

> DiskSuite (at least in Solaris 8) is on one of the discs (can't recall
> which).  It may or not be still in the early access ("EA") directory.
> It has been a while since I installed DiskSuite from CD.  The 
> majoriting
> of systems I've setup are done via jumpstart, and all 
> packages, etc are
> handled by the jumpstart config.
> Good luck,
>   -- Curt

	Thanks for the help!

	- Mike

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