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>Subject: [rescue] Throw me a bone please
>	Ok, I admit it, I have hit deep water with this sunfire config and
>could use a pointer. 
>	This is a sunfire 280R with 2 900mhz procs and 2 GB RAM. I have the
>system up and running and the storedge D2 attached to it. I have the OS
>patched with the recommended files. I have the patches in place in order to
>make the Ultra3 PCI card work and talk to the Storedge. Format shows the
>drives in the storedge now and devfsadm(think that was the command) has put
>the disks in /dev/disk. SunVTS runs and says I have no problems. Format is
>currently formatting one of the drives in the storedge to the tune of 332
>minutes (that is a joke right?).

you are low level formatting your drives ?  Why ! ?  Unless they have an
odd hardware format due to being out of special hardware, you should never
have to format a SCSI disk.  Depending on the size of your drive and other
factors, format could take an excruciatingly long time to format.

>	Here is my problem that I cannot Grok. I want to take the four disks
>(36GB) in the storedge and make them into one large mount point with the
>name /TAMP. Raid would be a good thing in this, preferable 5 if I can get
>it. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to do this. I read the docs
>and they seem, to me, to be skipping something that they are assuming I
>know. A lot like when you go to work on the car from the manual and it
>starts out with "Step 1, remove the engine" which sounds easy until you try
>it. Can someone please point me in the direction I should be looking? Better
>yet point and tell would be great. 

If you want software RAID then you use DiskSuite.  If your SCSI card or
the StorEdge supports hardware RAID, then you need to use the software for
those devices to setup your RAID.

Sounds to me like your card/StorEdge are JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks).  If
that is the case, DiskSuite will allow you to setup software RAID 5, or
RAID 0+1, etc.  If you have a graphical console, DiskSuite has a nice
GUI interface (although have they integrated this into the new Java
based entire system admin tool (which I'm blanking on the name since I've
never used it)).

DiskSuite (at least in Solaris 8) is on one of the discs (can't recall
which).  It may or not be still in the early access ("EA") directory.
It has been a while since I installed DiskSuite from CD.  The majoriting
of systems I've setup are done via jumpstart, and all packages, etc are
handled by the jumpstart config.

Good luck,

  -- Curt
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