[rescue] Sun Ultra 2 SCSI issues

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Sun May 25 14:39:36 CDT 2003

ryan at tliquest.net said:
> But if I burned some cds on the Sun box with a 512k blocksize, would
> they be readable on a PC?  The blocksize wasn't a big issue with my
> sparc5 (worked fine with the 2048 setting). 

Not positive, I just remember that suns were picky about blocksize, and that 
not all CDs would boot a sparc.  I have fond memories of using an exacto 
knife to set the blocksize on a brand new tosh 2401 CDROM....

I would be testing with a solaris boot cd, BTW.

There's a Sun CDROM FAQ out there somewhere....


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